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2019 / 04

Power & Hard Industry Offers Professional, Sturdy and Reliable Pliers

■Lee Chung-kan

Power & Hard Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in designing and producing professional pliers. Having been in the industry for over 20 years and rolling out their own brand called “Flying Fish,” the firm has largely concentrated on producing high-quality hand tools and various pliers as a professional manufacturer. Power & Hard Industry's newly announced 17” Steel Wire & Cable Cutter has especially garnered close attention from the market.

The firm stands by their values to offer the best to their clients with guaranteed quality products, continuous innovation, and most importantly, keeping production in Taiwan. Aside from manufacturing their own products, like crimping pliers, steel-wire cutters, cable cutters, steel-rope cutters, linesman pliers, long nose pliers, and bent-nose pliers, the firm also oversees the production of customized orders for clients. Many of Power & Hard's products are patent-certified. In a bid enhance the products' existing torque and hardness, the firm sends in the products through vacuum furnaces for heat treatment instead of the traditional methods, which would strengthen and stabilize the product's structure.

The new 17” Steel Wire and Cable Cutter is equipped with a 8mm2 -wire cut range for steel-wires and at the other end, the cutter can handle approximately 100mm2 cable cutting range. The cutting part, produced using the highest-grade CRMO material, underwent HRC62±2 vacuum heat treatment, while the firm used high strength aluminum alloy to make the handles. This has strengthened the cutter to the point that users can step on it without concern of accidentally breaking it. On the other hand, their plastic-handle variations are equally durable as well, as the handles are manufactured using high-grade environmentally-friendly TPV material. TPV is equipped with traits like polarity solution resistance (such as water, aqueous solution, and ethanol), oil resistance, ink resistance and cold resistance. The sturdiness of the material allows users to set the cutter on the ground, and simply step on it to cut steel wires or cables effortlessly without the tool falling over.

Power & Hard Industry has newly developed the 17” Steel Wire and Cable Cutter for multiple uses. (photo provided by Power & Hard)

Power & Hard Industry is currently aggressively expanding its presence in the global market and actively looking for domestic or overseas distributors.